How Undercoating and RustProofing Keep Your Truck Looking Its Best

How Undercoating and Rust Proofing Keep Your Truck Looking Its Best

There’s a term used by Creole folks, “lagniappe.” It means “something a little extra.” It refers to that extra little bit of service you get in some places, like when the cook at your favorite restaurant throws an extra spoon full of potatoes on your place, or cuts the steak a little bit thicker when they see it’s you walking in. Lagniappe is something that shows the goodwill of the person you’re dealing with. When it comes to the relationship you have with your truck, you can think of a lot of the things you do as lagniappe. All weather floor mats to make sure your truck’s interior is protected from mud, a bedliner to keep it from getting beat up from loading and unloading tools and other equipment all day, and hopefully, getting a undercoating and rustproofing treatment from Line-X of Northern Kentucky.

Chances are, you’ve heard someone complain about how an undercoating treatment from the dealership isn’t worth what they’re charging, and in the cases of the little old lady who’s station wagon is only going to be used to pick up groceries once a week and maybe take a leisurely Sunday drive when it’s nice out, they’d be right. But when it comes to your working truck, it’s a completely different story.

Whether you’re driving your vehicle to worksites, hauling equipment, or loading up your gear for a hunting or fishing trip well off the beaten path, you’re looking to expose your vehicle to a higher degree of abuse and punishment than it’s normally made to handle. While you might think of winter with the salt on the roads as the main time rust can be an issue, a working truck gets exposed to these risks year round. The abuse this kind of hard work can bring on can damage the thin layer of zinc that’s coated on the steel of your truck to prevent rust damage. As this protective layer is worn away, corners, edges, and other small spots become exposed and begin to be footholds for growing rust. Getting a rustproofing and undercoating treatment from Line-X of Northern Kentucky ensures your vehicle will last longer and require more maintenance. If you own a business and have a crew working with multiple trucks or cargo vans, this service becomes even more expensive, as vehicle upkeep is a heavy and unpredictable business expense. Paying for a rustproofing and undercoating treatment ensures your company vehicles run longer and better, requiring less maintenance and giving you less cost in the long term.

If you have a recreational vehicle, like a travel trailer or a boat, this kind of treatment is just as important in the summer. Long summer road trips can expose your vehicle to more damage, and you don’t want a vacation cut short by costly repairs.

Regardless of the vehicle you’re looking to protect, the crew at Line-X of Northern Kentucky can help! Contact us today for more information on our rustproofing and undercoating treatments and how they can help save you money and keep your truck, van, trailer, or boat looking its best this summer!