Why Your Truck Needs a Bedliner

Why Your Truck Needs a Bedliner

Whether you’ve bought a brand new truck, or got a great deal on a used one in good condition, chances are at some point someone has asked if you’re going to get a spray on bed liner for it. You may think you’re fine going without. After all, the expectation is that you’re going to be putting your truck to work, and scuffs and dents in the truck bed are a great way to show off that your truck isn’t some fashion statement, but a real tool being put to good use.

But a good bed liner, especially a spray on bed liner, isn’t just about keeping your truck looking nice. It’s an investment in your truck. Especially if your truck is going to be put to work, hauling tools, moving equipment, or any other work site duties, you want to make sure your truck is going to last, that you’ll get your money’s worth. A bed liner helps you do that

Sun Damage - The first benefit of a spray on bed liner is the one you’re least likely to notice at first. It prevents sun damage to your truck bed. You may not realize it, but UV rays from the sun, even on a cloudy day, can do long term damage to your truck. These UV rays will cause the paint on your truck bed to prematurely fade and crack. This leaves your truck looking worn before it’s time. What’s more, as that paint fades or cracks, it provides less protection for your truck bed against rust. While the paint job on your truck certainly helps it look nicer, it’s also doing critical work keeping the metal body of your truck from being directly exposed to the elements and developing long term rust damage. Your truck bed is especially at risk because it’s flat and directly exposed to the sun. Take a look at the top of a used car and you’ll see how the UV rays do similar damage there.

Spill Damage - If you own a truck, you’re hauling things in it, and one of the most common items any truck owner puts in their truck bed are going to be the various fluids your truck occasionally needs. A spare quart of oil, a backup gas can, some windshield washer fluid or antifreeze, all items that might be found in your truck bed right now. Unfortunately, these bottles can sometimes leak, and if those fluids are left on your truck bed for any length of time they can do some damage. And that’s setting aside any harsher chemicals you might be hauling on a regular basis like lawn fertilizer, rock salt, or other items. Any of these could spill or leak, and a spray on bed liner protects your truck against the damage they could cause.

Skid Proof -  Not only does a spray on bed liner protect your truck bed against damage, it can also protect the items you put in your truck bed as well as yourself. A quality spray on bed liner like what we apply here at Line-X of Northern Kentucky will include a non-slip/non-skid surface that will offer safety as you’re working, climbing in and out of the truck bed. Also, items that you haul are less likely to slide around as your driving, and provide an additional level of protection over what’s provided by standard tie downs and straps.

So if you have a truck that could use a bed liner, contact us today and one of our trained staff will be happy to show you how a spray on Line-X bed liner can help protect your investment today!

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