As the industry’s leading protective coating for vehicles and vehicle accessories, LINE-X changes the game when it comes to protection — and as Northern Kentucky’s leading professional Line-X franchise, we are changing the game when it comes to workmanship and services. When this powerful product and our extensive expertise are combined, we ensure your vehicle is well taken care of for years to come. By choosing us as your go-to LINE-X application specialists, you can rest assured that the elements will be no match for your car or truck.

Benefits of choosing LINE-X protective coatings include:

  • Saving money on future repairs and replacement
  • Keeping your vehicle safe from all types of damage
  • Reducing the risk of vehicle machinery breakdown
  • Increasing the resale value of your car, truck, Jeep, trailer, or boat
  • Not having to worry about the extra weight associated with other protective coatings

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Line-X Protective Coating on Jeep


For the other parts of you vehicle that need protection we offer Valugard Protection. Valugard Vehicle Protection Products gives you the protection from daily wear and tare.  Valugard will protect the Leather, Vinyl and Fabric of your interior. It will also protect your body panels from rust build up on hidden surfaces. Keep your paint shiny and looking new with Valugard Paint Sealant.

ValuGard services include:

Rust Proofing


Fabric Protection

Paint Sealant

Beyond cars and trucks, all specialty vehicles need to be protected. The good news is, as Northern Kentucky's leading LINE-X installers and dealers, we are able to help ensure optimum damage resistance for your trailers, Jeeps, and boats.

We currently offer spraying services for the following specialties:


Chances are, whatever you are carrying in your trailer is extremely precious cargo that needs to be well protected. So, shouldn't the trailer itself be protected as well? At Line-X of Northern Kentucky, we certainly believe so. That’s why we proudly provide trailer spraying services.


Your Jeep is made to be rough and tumble, handling even the most treacherous terrain. Keeping its exterior strong and tough is vital to ensuring that it lasts and there is no better protective spray solution than LINE-X.


Though water may seem innocent, it can cause a whole lot of damage. You should be able to enjoy your days out on your boat without worrying about possible leaking or rust issues. Line-X can protect your boat’s surfaces from the most common types of water damage.

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