How Can Line-X Protect Your Business?

How Can Line-X Protect Your Business

You invest in your business. You invest your time and money, you train your staff, and put your good name out there - all in an effort to succeed. Among the many things you’ve invested in is your equipment, and making sure that equipment can last as long as possible is important to ensuring your business lasts for the long haul. You take all the usual steps to protect your equipment, from properly training every employee in daily maintenance to ensuring proper storage is available. But if your business equipment includes vehicles, you can go further by partnering with Line-X of Northern Kentucky. 


Line-X protection is the best in the business. Designed to such tough standards, the military uses it for bomb mitigation! This means that you can protect your business vehicles with those same tough standards. Line-X spray on bed liner will ensure that vulnerable areas of a vehicle are protected. Of course, this includes truck beds, which may be used to haul tools and material to a work site, but it also can include the interior floor of a cargo van used for similar purposes. We’ve treated trucks used for hauling car batteries or harsh chemicals, ensuring that vehicle interiors last longer even under the toughest abuse.


In addition to providing protection, Line-X coating has the additional benefit of offering increased traction. Line-X coating can ensure that work areas on a vehicle that get high foot traffic on the work site are not only protected against scratches and dents, but your crew is protected from slips and falls that could cause costly workman’s comp claims and lost work time. Give your crew the confidence of walking on a sure surface with Line-X coating.


In addition to spray on bedliners, Line-X of Northern Kentucky also offers ValuGard protection products for other parts of your commercial vehicle. ValuGuard services we offer include  rust proofing, undercoating, fabric protection, and paint sealant. All of these services work together to keep your business vehicles looking their best and lasting as long as possible. Commercial fleet trucks can go farther and work harder because they’re protected against the elements. What’s more, keeping those company vehicles looking their best ensures that your company is putting its best face forward when your fleet is out on the road, and your employees get the morale boost of driving trucks and vans they can be proud of. All without having to spend so much costly time on aesthetic maintenance. 

If you want to know more about how Line-X of Northern Kentucky can help protect your business, give us a call today! Line-X News