Why You Want Floor Liners in Your Truck

Why You Want Floor Liners in Your Truck

With summer now in full swing, work days are heating up. This is the time to get out and get things done, whether you’re a business owner with a fleet of work trucks or cargo vans, or if you’re simply driving your own personal truck for work or pleasure. With summer also comes the hard scrabble abuse of dusty roads, rocks and mud, and all other manner of kinds of rough treatment for your vehicle. While you almost certainly are taking the time to protect the exterior of your vehicle with our undercoating, rustproofing, bedliners, and other services, you may not be considering how to protect the interior of your vehicle.


Fortunately, we here at Line-X of Northern Kentucky are your local WeatherTech Diamond dealers, and this means we have a full array of WeatherTeach products available to protect the interior of your vehicle. Regardless of the make or model you own, we can provide a customized set of floor liners to keep your vehicle looking its best. WeatherTech floor liners are made using a high-density tri-extruded material, which means it’s a rugged material designed to hold up to the worst conditions you might subject it to, while still remaining flexible enough to cling to the floor and footwells of your vehicle’s interior. The textured surface grips your vehicle’s floor to ensure the liner stays in place, as well as provides traction for when you’re getting in and out of the vehicle.


If you’re a business owner with work fleet of vehicles, liners reduce the need for cleaning of the vehicles and presents a more professional appearance. Over time, wear and tear on your vehicle interior is reduced, saving you money over the long term as well as helping to improve the resale value when it comes time to retire the vehicle. 


If you’re looking at a personal vehicle, WeatherTech floor liners improve your comfort and satisfaction with the vehicle. Leaving you spending less time cleaning your truck and more time enjoying it. Don’t overlook the safety aspect of our floor liners either. Generic floor mats shift around during use and can create dangerous situations when they get caught on operational pedals of your vehicle. A WeatherTech floor liner stays in place and does its job, day in and day out.

If you want to check out our WeatherTech floor liners or any of our other WeatherTech products for your vehicle, contact us today!

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